Years 7 - 8 (Stage 4)

In Stage 4 students complete many of the mandatory NSW Education Standards Authority requirements for the award of the Record of School Achievement. In Year 7 students study English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, Science, Technology, Visual Arts and a sampling of three languages.

In Year 8 students study English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, Science, Technology as a core. They also study three electives, one of which must be a language. In languages we offer: French, Japanese and Latin. Electives offered in other areas are: Commerce, Drama, Food Technology, Music, Textiles Technology and Visual Arts.

Years 9 - 10 (Stage 5)

In Stage 5 students pursue the core subjects of English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, Science and two electives. These two electives are awarded grades for their Record of School Achievement.  Electives in Stage 5 are: Commerce, Food Technology, French, Information and Software Technology, Japanese, Latin, Music, Textiles Technology and Visual Arts. These courses are studied for the two years of Stage 5.

Years 11 - 12 (Stage 6)

In that almost all students at St George Girls High School are seeking university entrance, our Stage 6 curriculum is very academic in nature. We offer all courses of English and Mathematics; French, Latin, Japanese at Continuers and Extension level; Music 2 and Extension; Ancient and Modern History and Extension History; Business Studies, Economics, Geography and Legal Studies; Visual Arts; Biology, Chemistry and Physics; Food Technology, Information Processes and Technology and Textiles and Design; Personal Development/Health/Physical Education; Drama. 

In Year 11 we also offer Photography, Psychology and Visual Design as one unit courses.