School Plan 2015 - 2017

The New School Planning Model

All NSW schools have adopted a new planning model for the 2015-2017 School Plan. The new approach brings together a number of reforms to give NSW public schools greater authority to meet the needs of their communities, to improve the quality of teaching in schools and to improve outcomes for all students. It is highly strategic, focussing on 3 key areas for improvement determined by the school in consultation with its community, to ensure a profound difference to the ongoing growth and development of the school.

There are five key features which underpin the new approach to school planning.

  • Identifying 3 strategic directions will help to ensure a high level focus that will drive the ongoing growth and development of the school. Each strategic direction will be informed by the standards within the School Excellence Framework for learning, teaching and leading.
  • It involves determining the purpose of each strategic direction before considering what will be achieved and how this may be undertaken. It is based on the Why, How, What golden-circle framework proposed by Simon Sinek (2009).
  • The importance of working with students, staff, parents and community members is recognised in building the shared understanding, knowledge and skills required to achieve the educational practices necessary to bring about sustained growth.
  • A systematic focus on planning will involve regular and routine monitoring of the implementation of the plan, as well as its effectiveness. It will be valuable in forming the basis of discussions for school leadership meetings and discussions. Bringing together planning and implementation will ensure the school’s focus is on educational impact.
  • The approach recognises the changing conditions in schools and allows for ongoing adjustments to the implementation of the plan to ensure it reflects real school scenarios. This preserves the intentions of the plan while allowing for local variations to enable effective delivery.

Please follow the link to view the new school plan for St George Girls High School for 2015-2017.  

2015 - 2017 SGGHS Plan