Audio Interviews

Memories of St George Girls High School

These audio clips are taken from interviews conducted by professional historians Pauline Curby and Nicole Curby for the St George Girls High School centenary history project. These audio clips have been designed and edited by Nicole Curby. Select an audio file and play to listen to past students and staff recount their memories of St George Girls High School.

Rosa Criniti  


Rations and Trenches: Going to school in the war years

Betty Hickman, June Miles, June Handley

The Long Farewell Leaving School

Betty Hickman, Beverley Earnshaw, Wendy Trotter, Lidija Loridon, Yvonne Dodds

Dressed for Success: Uniform

Beverley Earnshaw, June Handley, Carole Knott, Yvonne Dodds, Betty Hickman

A Tight Ship: Discipline

Elaine Martin, Ron Simpson, Beverley Pitt, Carole Knott, Lidija Loridon, Noela Tazewell

Great and Eccentric: Teachers at St George Girls

Heather Goodall, Yvonne Dodds, Beverley Pitt, Rosa Criniti, Liz Lees, Betty Hickman

Career Girls

Beverley Earnshaw, Beverley Pitt, Noela Tazewell, Yvonne Dodds, Anne Ross, Heather Goodall

Life Long Friends

Anne Ross, Deepa Oades, Lidija Loridon, Lynne Graham, Beverley Earnshaw

Prefects and Policing

Noela Tazewell, Elaine Martin, Yvonne Dodds, Beverley Pitt, Wendy Trotter, Heather Goodall

Women in Leadership: Principals at St George Girls High School

Betty Hickman, Wendy Trotter, Deepa Oades, Carole Knott, Heather Goodall, Kay Murray