St George Girls High School has a proud tradition of investing in Information Technology to develop a sophisticated network to support teaching and learning and administration. By utilising industry standard virtualisation technologies we have been able to provide a highly resilient and cost effective infrastructure to provide our students with the best possible end user experience. Windows 7 is our standard platform for all devices.

Our Intranet has been developed using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server  to provide a unified document management service, engaging our students in digital learning across web enabled devices. Students can access a variety of documents, videos, podcasts, photo libraries, forums, online voting, surveys etc.

The school has three dedicated computer labs each with 31 advanced model desktop computers and the library is equipped with over 20 desktop computers for student use. Computers are also located in learning spaces throughout the school. Students have access to the computer network before school, at recess and lunch. Students enjoy 24/7 remote access to all services of the network potentially from any device in the world.  

All staff are provided with industry standard laptops and tablets for electronic roll marking.

Technology engages students in learning and computers and interactive whiteboards are an integral part of teaching and learning at our school.  We have SMART Boards installed in all learning spaces throughout the school.

All learning spaces at St George Girls High School have wireless access points which allow students and staff to access resources provided by the Department of Education and Communities and our school. St George Girls High School has also funded the installation of wireless access points in other parts of the school.

For more information on the BYOD program see the information on our website at Bring Your Own Device